Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, South Bronx. 2015.

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, South Bronx, NYC.

In 2015, after focus groups, art workshops and community board meetings, the Lincoln community and I created a dynamic, 12 wall mural that goes up the first 2.5 floors of Lincoln’s massive facility in the South Bronx. Frustrated with the lack of safe and affordable exercise facilities in their community, the hospital took it upon themselves to transform their large stairwell into a wellness and exercise space of sorts.

Community members considered what health and wellness means to them and their families, and their ideas were translated, large-scale, to the mural in the hospital stairwell. Now, the hope is that community members will use the pedometers they were given at the mural’s unveiling, and will start to opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. We are also hoping to grow the mural up the stairwell, all the way to the 12th floor!

In the process pictures, you’ll see that after all of the workshops and meetings were done, I painted the mural in my studio and then cut out the forms and installed them with my good friend Eric Okdeh and Lincoln’s incredible painting staff.