Lutheran Medical Center, HIV/AIDS Clinic

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, 2009

The Storm Lifts, We are Reborn

The Storm Lifts, We are Reborn

In the spring and early summer of 2010, Yamasaki collaborated with patients, doctors, nurses, social workers and the community board from Lutheran Medical Center’s Special Care Immunology Services (SCIS) to create a mural for their clinic in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The HIV/AIDS community at SCIS was interested in communicating how personal metamorphosis can occur organically within the context of a supportive and loving community.

Lutheran Medical Center

Lutheran Central Figure

Central Figure

Lutheran Detail Central Figure


Lutheran Detail Left Side

Left Side Detail

Lutheran Hands Detail

Hands Detail

Lutheran Rebirth Detail

Rebirth Detail

Lutheran Left

Lutheran Right Side

Right Side Detail

Lutheran Sketch Proposal 1

Proposal 1 Sketch

Lutheran Sketch Proposal 2

Proposal 2 Sketch

Lutheran Final Sketch

Final Sketch